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Self Improvement
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Self Improvement

My grandfather used to say that every day of your life should be spent in self improvement. He didn't mean you had to immerse yourself in self-esteem-building self-help programs every day, but that you should always strive to become better than you are. It was great advice, and it blows my mind that I waited so many years to follow this source of wisdom.

Working on your self-esteem is probably the greatest self improvement project you can undertake. Low self-esteem is a source of fear, and a life lived in fear is no life at all. To quote another relative of mine, my aunt, "life is not a dress rehearsal." (I know, I'm sure it's a very old saying, but I always heard it from my aunt, so I attribute it to her.) You only get one shot, so there's no reason to waste it by being too timid to live life to its fullest.

Self-Esteem and Relationships
Everyone says (I'm giving this one to "everyone," not to another relative) you can't love someone else unless you love yourself. That's certainly true in romantic relationships, but it's also a rule that comes into play in friendships. When you feel insecure and are just a source of low self-esteem, that comes across in everything you do.

In other words, when you have low self-esteem and feel like you're no good, you project that image everywhere you go. Even worse, when you're completely preoccupied with that nagging voice in your head that says you're nothing, you aren't really open and available to be there for other people, so your relationships will never be truly fulfilling. Using affirmations and intuition as sources, you can learn to kill the source of that nagging voice, and become a truer, more emotionally available human being, and one to whom others will naturally gravitate.

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