Butt Enhancement Exercises


So many girls are looking at Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian as beauty role models. Because of them, so many girls aspire to have a bigger size butt to make them look more attractive. If you need to enlarge your butt, here are three of the most successful exercise to enlarge your butt.

Doing Regular Lunges


Lunges seem like a regular exercise that you can do easily on a daily basis. Despite so, never underestimate the effects that lunges can do to you. Lunges will exercise your glute and lower butt muscle which supports the butt and makes it perky. That is why it is important always to do lunges on a regular basis if you want butts that are perky and toned. For a better result, you can do lunges using a barbell in both of your hands as a weight. This will strengthen your butt muscle even more and make yours bigger in no time.

Stair stepping


Here is another butt exercise that you can do at any time of the day without going to the gym. Stair stepping is an exercise which targets the butt muscle but also the legs. And it is good for your lower body muscle as it will strengthen it and make it more attractive. As your butt grows bigger, you will also have a better support in your upper legs area. Stair stepping can be done in just twenty minutes or less per day. As long as you do it routinely, you will see the result very quickly in just a week.

Doing Barbel Squat at the Gym


Finally, if you like to go to the gym, this is the exercise for you. Barbell squat is different than just your average squat at home. You need to add a significant weight to your shoulder when you do squat so that it trains your muscle even more. Just like the previous exercise, the exercise not only teaches your butt muscle but also your glutes. Therefore, it adds dimension to both your butt muscle but also the area surrounding it. Do it regularly whether at the gym or at home to see quick results.