How to Stop Ejaculation Even When It’s too Late


In this article, I said, “OK, let’s teach you how to do it as well even though I would like to keep it as a secret.” It has been kept as a secret for many thousands of years in the past by the sexual Taoist in the Far East, but I will share it with you.

There is a tactic that you can implement any time. It is so easy to apply. You just need to know how. This tactic will allow you not to ejaculate even when you are already going to ejaculate, and you think it is too late.

Well, if you would do it the first time to a girl, she would be like amazed because she will say, “Oh, you did not ejaculate.” You could say, “Yeah, I did ejaculate. I just controlled my ejaculation that much.” I know I treat a lot of girls like this, but it is the time that you learn this.

The magic move is this. It is simply holding those three fingers like this just like you see in the image right now, and then, you gently press your PC muscles with this, simply like you see in the illustration. 


By doing this, you will close the channel of the sperm. So next time that you ejaculate, and you close this channel, your muscles will tweak as if you ejaculate, but the sperm will never get to the penis and out of it. It is that simple. But I recommend to you to try this technique. I’m not telling when you are with your girl.

Again, I’m not saying that you will not get her pregnant if you push your PC muscles in the last second. Definitely a big disclaimer. I have nothing to do with pregnancy control.

Try this at home when you do the exercises that I talked about with self-pleasuring. Try to see it. If you have done it correctly, the next time you will go to the toilet, you will not see any sperm in the urine. If you see sperm in the urine, it means that you did not push in the right spot, maybe not at the right angle. Maybe you didn’t push strong enough.

So just play with it. This is an excellent magic trick to have in your sex arsenal and use it tonight. I’m sure you will love it.

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